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Four days later....

Well, I daresay I've become adapted to this chunky splint of a thing on my left leg.
And I've come to the conclusion that my right butt cheek is going to look awesome after 4 plus weeks of hopping around on my right leg. XD

The prognosis!

The lower end of my fibula, as dictated in my art journal, has a portion that is now separate from the base of the bone (lateral malleolus). The fracture is abnormal for typical ankle breaks because it was crushed from a perpendicular degree (in comparison to a lengthwise-break typically induced by the body's natural weight). My theory was correct in that the break was a result of being momentarily crunched by the bike as it bounced off the road (yay! 8D Awesome point for me).
Went to the WestSide Podiatry and got more x-rays, revealing that not only did I break it nicely, but there are one or two bone chunks floating around in there that if not removed, will undoubtedly cause me problems later on. Simply put, I'll be having surgery at some point or another in the next two weeks or so. Putting that aside as an unavoidable course of action, concern has also arisen about the connective tissue between my fibula and my tibia - if it's torn, it'll need to be connected.
So I went and got a cat scan (CT scan) of my ankle and such, and my next appointment with the foot doc is next Tuesday afternoon to go over new x-rays and surgery dates. And I may also need an MRI, cause different scans show different things.

In the meantime, I cannot do the following: drive, apply weight in any circumstance to the left leg (which encompasses all forms of lower body exercise/cardio/weight lifting), work (ARGH I NEED MONEY), go anywhere without my crutches, and must elevate, ice and endure the compression of my splint.
And for the record, Vicodin makes me sleepy as anything.
But it also wakes me up every two or three hours. What's up with that?

Hopefully the swelling will go down. It's not as bad as it was the first few days pain-wise, but simple movement in the ankle area is still undeniably uncomfortable.

And I HATE DOING NOTHING. I can't stand it.

I wonder what will happen after surgery next week. : l

-midnight munchies-

I have the biggest craving for fudgecicles.


NOW. >8K



Is that even a word?

Anyhow - recently came across a really cool application for making online doujin, available for my mac brand and otherwise making me jump up and down because I have four freeform doujins in progress at the moment. More bothersome, however, my constant purging of IchixRuki fanfic/art/doujin ideas/possibilities - when I should really be doing other things.
It's almost sickly, at this point - I'm tired of doing it, but things just keep coming up and there's only one way to really get rid of them.
And it ranges quite a bit. From little iddy-biddy things like sketchdumps...

...to more rounded things like multiple fanarts....

..to even crazier things like doujinshi thumbnail sketches...

...somebody make me stop. @_@ It's taking over my brain.

And btw, that last image is confidential - ya'll are lucky to see the snippet because its a colab production, so I have no rights on showing/telling you any more about it with mind to the opinions of the alternate parties involved.
And your curiosity wouldn't be picked if I hadn't said all that.
Good luck suckers~! XD <3

Other than my bleach obsession, which you will hear more about than my actual life, seeing as how I don't feel the need to share every little thing that I do on a public domain - things aren't too horrible. My good russian friend and I are chillin', and classically avoiding my cousin (as her interests pertain predominantly to the genitalia of the opposite sex, and not much more of anything else), running around the state to see the sites.

Ratatoille was an awesome movie. <3

Ocean's 13 was also quite entertaining. <3

I have a massive craving for Wheat Thins and Dilly Dip. <3


Well, there it go.
Finals for the Spring quarter are over! Well, technically they'll be over when I take a step out of the family van back onto home ground and crash on my bed for an hour or two. Then it's PARTYHARTY! XD  I must say, taking that many classes was a strain on my sanity, but moreso because a good portion of my classes were rather useless and just required large amounts of artistic material to be wasted. It's a ridiculously expenditure of time, money, patience, and utilities.
But it's ovvverrrrrrr *tiredsingsong* I need to sleep. I need to draw.

Speaking of the drawing thing, since that's predominantly the reason I hang out on the internet (cause I don't give a damn as to letting all know about my personal lifestyle)...I think I might start doing requests again.
What a horrid thought. The last time I attempted such a thing I was overwrought with an idiocracy breathing down my neck to use my talents faster than their normal output. Such a thing is not desired, not enjoyed, nor tolerated.
Who knows that the next day will bring.
Maybe tomorrow I'll run around in my undies all day. Or better yet, just a pillowcase.
Mm. Sounds good.

In addition to the artistic production, my primary doujin has been somewhat put aside in pursuit of another with higher priority and profit (and I'm not talking just money there - not all treasure is gold, mate).
All doujins are IchixRuki or HichixRuki/Rukiow (sharrup), as I am an avid fan of both. For artistic samples of my drawing style, check out my gallery: www.darknature5000.deviantart.com

No doujin shots are up yet, because I refuse to post them without adequate watermarking/copyrightslapping due to a history of art theft, as well in relation to the circumstance in which I tend to get behind when I post things immediately after I finish them. Especially if they're anything chronologically related (like comics, dur).

Final news: THE KITTIES ARRIVED! XD So cute! I will be visiting the family this weekend to make sure the mother has plenty of water and a clean litterbox while the owner is out, and in a few weeks the kittens should be old enough to move for the owner's 4th of July vacation. <3

I need a shot of methylxanthines. I feel like a zombie.

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